The Added Value I Bring To The Table


I have been a certified massage therapist since 1997, and I am certified in 6 different modalities. In addition, I have in-depth training in 5 additional modalities. My primary work is in private practice. I am also on staff at the Health Center of Integrated Medicine at Longmont United Hospital. And before its closing in 2013, I spent 10 years teaching at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy

Commitment to continuing education:

One of the biggest advantages I bring to my work is a commitment to regular and varied continuing education. In fact, I have eclipsed the number of hours I spent in massage school with the amount of continuing education hours I have accumulated throughout my career. While continuing education requires a considerable investment of resources, its impact on the continued improvement of my practice is invaluable.

Ample time for your session:

My massage sessions are not rushed. I allow time before each session to check in with you, noting changes since the previous session. I take thorough health histories with each new client. I allow ample time for undressing and dressing. Unlike most spas and massage centers, I do not consider this time as part of the hands-on session. Clients get the full amount of time scheduled on the table.

Acceptance of your individuality:

It is important to me that your session be just as you want it. Unless you direct me otherwise, I provide silence during your massage so you won’t have any unnecessary distractions. I do not pathologize any conditions you may have. Instead I work to find the best way to support your body, just as it is, as it works to support you. All bodies are welcome on my table.

Varied professional experience:

I have been in private practice since 1997. My previous corporate experience has provided a solid foundation for the work I now love. In addition to providing the best possible hands-on session, my business is professionally run and I strive for the highest customer service experience for my clients.

My work at Longmont United Hospital allows me to contribute to the emerging field of alternative healthcare in the hospital setting. I work with cancer patients, as well as the elderly and those recovering from injury and surgery.

During my 10 years as an instructor at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, it was essential that I mastered my material. I had the opportunity to learn from colleagues and students. My relationship with BCMT has been invaluable in helping me to stay current with research and emerging trends in my field.

The varied experiences I have with massage have helped foster a sense of curiosity with my work as I continue to learn, explore and apply new techniques and discoveries. My work has a flow that is delightful to me, and my goal is for that flow to carry over into my clients’ experience.

My numerous professional relationships provide a vast referral network. My goal is for you to get the best massage for your body, and if that’s not with me, I will help find the right massage therapist for you.

Before switching my career to massage therapy, I worked for over 12 years in the private and non-profit sectors. I still vividly remember, and have a deep appreciation for, the stresses of the conventional work life. I have managed 7 figure budgets, wrangled multi-departmental efforts to meet impossibly tight deadlines, and have successfully dealt with tricky workplace personalities. I can easily relate to the work stresses faced by my current clients.